Hi, I'm Cara.

When I turned six my father gifted me a copy of The Hobbit and, with that, the love of storytelling. However, living room recitations just didn’t cut it, and I soon set out to craft my own stories, which eventually led to my undergraduate degree in English. But it wasn’t until I took an elective class called Reading Film that I realized the proper medium for the stories I want to tell.

So, I wrote a nine-page screenplay and met with a few students about making a short we titled Tereu. Armed with only a Canon Rebel and an old MacBook, we taught ourselves the basics of cameras and editing software which culminated in the cringeworthy final project. But from that experience, I learned that it was accessible. Filmmaking was possible.

Why do I love what I do? It's pretty simple, actually. I love the complexity of people. Famed Swedish director Ingmar Bergman said “I want [...] to talk about the wholeness inside every human. Every human being has a sort of dignity or wholeness in him, and out of that develops to other human beings, tensions, misunderstandings, tenderness.” I couldn’t agree more that whether the work focuses on a story that affects thousands of people, or the small inner workings of one individual, each one investigates the effects of the human condition; and I’m with Bergman that “that’s what is fascinating.”